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Juxtaposed to AskTouma for all necessary serial killer Prince needs.

Feb 18


Imagine your OTP is in a dating simulator game.

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Feb 17




1. the act, practice or art of hunting; the chase. [1]

2. animals that are hunted. [1]

3. the gratification of sexual desire; sexual indulgence. [2]

Etymology: [1] from Old French venerie, from vener, “to hunt”, from Latin vēnārī. [2] from Middle English venerie, from Old French, from Mediaeval Latin veneria, from Latin venus, vener-, “desire, love”.

[Cheong-ah Hwang]

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Feb 16


Forget-Me-Nots in a Resin Orb by UralNature [x]

This is a contender for my ‘creative trinket’. (I’ll decide by the time my next paycheck comes in.) 

I love how it suspends a moment in time. 

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Feb 15

((So, I didn’t participate in the PP Valentines event because I’m a big flake- but I really enjoyed looking at all the submissions that were posted!
One in particular that I liked was (surprise surprise) the ToumaxShogo fic, written by a Miss Amy…..and because I’m lame, I couldn’t help but doodle out a doctor Touma…))

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If a guy calls you princess in a condescending manner assert your newly appointed royal status and have him beheaded.

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Ran and Yurika from Aikatsu, as Snow White and Rose Red.
By 15903


Ran and Yurika from Aikatsu, as Snow White and Rose Red.

By 15903

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Feb 14
↳ T r u e   L o v e ' s   K i s s  (1937 - 2009) 

There is a world where hope 
And dreams can last for all time  #女神.

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Lyrics by totallyfubar [mp3]


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